The Story of a Photographer

Ok, so...

I’ve dabbled here and there in all sorts of creative activities. I've made custom shirts and keychains, personalize cups, backpacks, pot holders, etc. here's the kicker, wait for it- photography was still my first love.

Every since that second-grade photo contest with the little green disposable camera that required the film to be developed (yes, there was a time when you couldn't just snap and look at previews of your photos), photography has had my heart, but not me physically. It kept a hold on my ankles so tight that I finally decided to stop running.

With a nudge, well more like a shove, from my loving husband who is my biggest cheerleader, I am here. Simply ready to help you preserve the sweetest memories and tell your family's story via still images

It is our mission to serve couples and families by providing authentic and joyful photography experiences. We hope that they are reminded of how blessed they are as they cherish their precious moments and memories.

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram @jmamonphotography, email me at or simply submit a contact form. Let's chat!